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Charlotte and Nolensville BRT lite

Nashville MTA implemented a new bus rapid transit lite route on the Charlotte Pike corridor in the spring of 2015. Preliminary plans are underway for a similar line on Nolensville Pike to begin in the spring of 2016. BRT lite offers customers an opportunity to ride buses that make fewer stops and run more frequently so there's less wait time.


With the new BRT lite routes, MTA is looking to build on the success of BRT lite routes already operating along Gallatin Pike, Murfreesboro Pike, and Charlotte Pike.


The Charlotte Pike BRT lite provides daily service between West Nashville and Downtown and uniquely-designed BRT stations are being built at the following locations:

  • 11th Ave/North Gulch

  • 17th Ave

  • 23rd Ave/Centennial

  • 28th/31st Ave Connector

  • 37th Ave/Sylvan Heights

  • 42nd Ave/Sylvan Park

  • 46th Ave/Richland Park

  • 53rd Ave

  • White Bridge

  • American

  • Annex

  • Nashville West

  • Davidson

  • Walmart

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