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Park & Ride Information
Effective March 29, 2015

Park & Ride Locations
Free parking is available for MTA customers, carpoolers or vanpoolers. Whether meeting a carpool or catching the bus, riders can park free of charge as posted at the following Park & Ride locations.

Park & Ride Locations Click for Map Served by Route(s)
Belle Forest Directions 5, 24X
Dollar General Directions 12, 37X
Donelson Station Directions 6, 34
Fellowship at Two Rivers Directions 34
Hermitage Station Directions 6, 27
Hickory Hollow Directions 15, 33X, 55 BRT lite
Hillwood Directions 10
Kmart - Goodlettsville Directions 35X
Kmart - Madison Directions 26, 34, 56 BRT lite
Old Hickory Directions 27
Madison Square Directions 26
MTA Bellevue Directions 5, 24X
MTA Madison Directions 27, 36X, 76
RiverGate Mall Directions 35X
Smith Springs Church of Christ Directions 38X
Southminster Presbyterian Church Directions 12
Staples Bellevue Directions 5, 24X
Temple Baptist Church Directions 22
Una Church of Christ Directions 15
Walmart - Nolensville Pike Directions 33X

Please Note: Many Park & Ride lots have been generously donated by churches and businesses. The lots are to be used on weekdays only by MTA riders, carpools and vanpools.

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