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Real-Time Project — Benefits

Real-Time Bus Info
Managers and planners, now able to "see" where buses are along their routes, are able to quickly respond to immediate service disruptions as well as monitor on-time performance. Fixed-route customers will get notices on short-term modifications such as route detours or service additions and cancellations on their smartphones and other devices.

Those with no access to a computer or a smartphone can still find out where their buses are in real time with an upgrade to MTA's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system by calling a Customer Care representative and selecting an option to find out the time status of their bus. However, customers are still able to talk to a representative.

Another benefit of the new system to both AccessRide customers and the schedulers of that service is that the system will be able to generate automatic calls to users to remind them of their pick-up times, dates and locations.

Other Management Tools
ViewPoint reporting software will provide transit managers and planners the ability to look at schedule adherence and other data over time to identify trends related to service performance not otherwise apparent. The software will give MTA the opportunity to configure and develop their own reports aimed specifically at MTA needs.

The AVL system will also track mechanical or maintenance information directly from buses and send the information back to a hub before issues become major maintenance problems. For the maintenance department, being able to quickly monitor the “health” of buses will give them the ability to ostensibly lessen service interruptions. The system will also provide data to put together large-scale, and specific, plans for overall maintenance.

In addition, the new system offers an improved voice and data communications component for the MTA. There are direct lines of voice and data communication between drivers, dispatch and supervisors.

Another important feature is the Automated Passenger Counter component that identifies routes or areas becoming strained by service demands as well as areas that may be underutilized. This data will give schedulers and planners the information they need to effectively meet the needs of MTA riders on an ongoing basis.

Detours/Special Event Route Changes
AVL-equipped managers and planners are able to more efficiently respond to immediate service disruptions. Fixed-route customers get notices on short-term modifications such as route detours or service additions and cancellations on their smartphones and other devices.

Along with automatic reminders to AcessRide customers, the upgrade will provide drivers with digital manifests with up-to-date address information or last-minute changes in scheduling. New certification software will also provide for more efficient and streamlined management of paratransit eligibility and certification procedures.

The Bus Stop Manager program will record and update all MTA assets at bus stops. The program will maintain complete records of all stop assets and their amenities including historical data. The program equips surveyors with tools that enable them to update information in the field and enter it only once.

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