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Music City Transit Tracker
Real-Time Project

AVL_user_photo_web As part of Nashville MTA's new comprehensive transportation management system, MTA customers are able to see where their buses are in real time on their computers and smartphones giving them more room to better manage their trips and their time. The technology is just one part of MTA's large system upgrade that includes Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology from Trapeze Group, a transportation solutions company. The new system not only improves the experience for current riders, it also ensures that the transit system stays relevant and resilient as Nashville grows.

One of the major benefits of the new system is its GPS-based vehicle tracking feature, which helps large transit systems manage their fleets more efficiently and streamlines processes and procedures. MTA bus customers are able to view on their devices real-time up-to-date stop and arrival times based on vehicle locations. The functionality is the basis on which third parties can build apps to show where buses are moving along a route. Real-time transit information also is available on digital readouts at Music City Central and eventually at BRT lite stations.

As MTA ridership increases, dispatchers need to interpret more and more data. The data provided by AVL, and other Trapeze software programs, will lead to more informed decisions about how to concurrently and efficiently maintain the fleet, streamline scheduling, and better meet the demands of MTA riders. The data provided should improve processes and procedures and is expected to not only refine on-time arrival and departures but eventually identify overcrowding issues.

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