More About MTA

The need for public transportation is growing every day in Nashville. We're about to make taking the bus easier, more comfortable, and more convenient when we open our new downtown transit hub, Music City Central. Our city is experiencing incredible growth, and Nashville MTA ridership is increasing right along with it. There are so many reasons to choose the bus: saving big on the cost of gas, improving air quality, easing traffic congestion, saving vehicle wear and tear; and enjoying a more relaxing commute. Learn more about the MTA at

More About Music City Central

MTA is excited to offer more convenient and comfortable accommodations to our riders as they connect to routes in and out of the Metro Nashville area. Music City Central will replace all of the bus activity at the current outdoor transit mall on Deaderick Street, where most route transfers occur. What does that mean for 16,000 daily riders? It means an information and ticket sales area, indoor, climate-controlled customer waiting areas, restrooms, even a community room and extras like a coffee shop or newsstand. We're committed to making public transportation an easy option for residents and visitors alike, and Music City Central is going to change the way Nashville rides the bus. Learn more about Music City Central at

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