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The Nashville MTA, in partnership with Metro Nashville Public Works Beautification & Environment Commission and the Tennessee Department of Transportation invites you to adopt a Nashville MTA bus stop!

Adopt-A-Stop is designed to help keep Nashville clean through community involvement and participation. Anybody is eligible to adopt a bus stop, including but not limited to: individuals, businesses, neighborhood associations, families and bands. Not only is the program free to join but we will provide you with all necessary supplies needed for your participation. Help make a difference in Nashville and show off your personalized recognition sign at the bus stop of your choice.

You will find all the information you need to adopt a bus stop in your neighborhood or next to your business site. Just click on the following links: Adopt-A-Stop Application, Release Form, Safety Guidelines, and FAQs. It's that easy.

For questions, email MTA.AdoptABusStop@nashville.gov or call Customer Care at (615) 862-5950.

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