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WeGo Link is for any of our riders who find getting to and from their bus stop a little challenging; whether that's because of a stubbed toe, bad weather, time restrictions, long walking distances, or because of safety concerns.

All you need to do is request a ride, and we'll come pick you up.

To get started, check out our Overview and FAQs.

WeGo Link Logo

WeGo Link is currently available along route 55 Murfreesboro Pike, and all trips must take place within a specific service zone. To see if your trip is eligible for WeGo Link, use the interactive map below.

Contact Information
WeGo Public Transit
430 Myatt Drive
Nashville, TN 37115
ph: 615-862-5950
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Brochure - https://www.nashvillemta.org/pdf/WeGoLinkBroch.pdf